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As we enter a boom period for online shopping, consumers could find themselves faced with an unexpected bill this Christmas, if their trusted devices become compromised. A reliance on connected technology and devices to purchase gifts, food and festive outfits, sees 83 per cent of consumers planning to shop online this Christmas and spend an estimated £170 more per household than in 2016 (according to Deloitte). But with cybercriminals also planning to exploit our device usage, the average cost of replacing data which is stolen or corrupted, could add a painful £476 to your Christmas shopping bill, according to research from Kaspersky Lab.

The use of devices at Christmas to bag a bargain is the norm, but our reliance on them is also of great value to cybercriminals who will target them for financial gain. From ransomware attacks denying consumers access to their data unless a payment is made, through to phishing emails and the sale of bank account details to the highest bidder on the underground market – our devices are a rich source of profit for cybercriminals.

But these devices are also precious, and can cause great upset if exploited in any of these ways. For example, laptops and smartphones holding people’s memories are a convenient way to capture and send well-wishes to family and friends at Christmas, but 21 per cent of the data on these devices is irreplaceable if lost, and when it comes to the data that can be replaced, figures show that replacement can cost a single user $636 on average.

Andrei Mochola, Head of Consumer Business at Kaspersky Lab, said:

"The risk of data being compromised is heightened at this time of year, with consumers spending more time and money online, using email more to check orders and delivery dates, and relying on public Wi-Fi when out and about to check prices, make purchases and stay in touch with friends and family. With the party season also in full swing, the likelihood of people losing their phone or being more careless with its security is also increased. This makes it crucial to put measures in place to safeguard the information and precious memories on our devices and not dampen the festive spirit"

However, despite the dangers and potential risks to data, Kaspersky Lab research shows that only half (50 per cent) of consumers backup their information, and 34 per cent admit to avoiding making backups online. This could leave many consumers out of pocket and without access to their data this Christmas, should the worst happen. But there is an easy way to avoid this unwanted cost and heartache. Backing up data regularly and putting increased security measures in place will provide consumers with peace of mind all year round, by ensuring information is protected and retrievable.

Safeguarding precious data, no matter when, where or how much you are using your device – or where it ends up – is hugely important and can be achieved by following some simple steps:

Don’t go cold turkey – make sure you have some form of Internet security on your device. Activate it especially when shopping online or using public Wi-Fi to make a purchase. Using advanced online security solutions will block network attacks, fix software vulnerabilities and track system processes for malicious activities to prevent your personal files from being destroyed, altered or stolen.

Good will to all trusted Internet users – only buy from trusted sites and services with the https prefix in their address. This means that data transactions are encrypted. And remember - if an offer online, or in an email from a vendor you have never heard of, seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Remain extra vigilant in pursuit of the perfect purchase.

Remember it forever – keep your precious memories intact with encrypted backups. This means that only you can access your files with a password, keeping it safe should your device be lost, stolen or infected by malware. This will ensure data stays with you beyond the festivities.

The sky’s the limit – make several copies of your valuable data, with at least one copy on a reliable cloud service. This means that should the worst happen, you will be able to restore and access files from anywhere at any time.

Stay strong – it is important to use strong and reliable passwords on all accounts and services you use. Do not use the same password across different accounts as this will leave them all compromised, should your device be infiltrated.

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First, people came together to react and talk about important moments and events that happened around the world. The top three moments that people discussed globally in 2017 were:

International Women’s Day: This was the No. 1 most talked about moment in 2017, doubling from last year, with people around the world talking, sharing and posting in celebration of women and related issues.

Super Bowl 51: Fans around the world turned to News Feed to cheer for their favorite teams, celebrate with Lady Gaga and debate the top TV ads, with more than 262 million views of Super Bowl-related videos on the platform.

Las Vegas Violence: This tragic incident drove conversation around the world, which in turn motivated more than 3,300 people to offer help to their community through our Crisis Response tools on Facebook.

Second, people came together to support one another in times of crisis. 2017 was a difficult year with natural disasters and violence around the world, but it was inspiring to see people help each other when they needed it most. The top three moments where we saw people come to each other’s aid were:

Earthquake in Mexico: The response to this crisis in late September drove the highest number of total interactions within Crisis Response on Facebook of the year, with millions of people marking themselves safe, offering help to their community or donating to the cause.

Hurricane Harvey: In late August, the community rallied to help those in need by raising more than $20 million in the biggest fundraising effort for a single crisis in 2017 on Facebook.

One Love Manchester: The most viewed video and live broadcast on Facebook in 2017, this benefit concert generated over 80 million views and raised more than $450,000 for those affected by the Manchester terror attack.

Finally, people used Facebook to get together in person. The top two ways people connected through these offline moments by creating Events on Facebook were:

Total Solar Eclipse: This celestial moment in August brought the world together through more than 20,000 Facebook Events in more than 80 countries.

Women’s March on DC: On January 21, The Women’s March on DC brought over 500,000 people together through the largest Facebook event for a single cause in 2017.

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