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When we want to embark on a venture, most times, we don't take enough times to assess all our resources. What we do is talk about what we don't have and exaggerate our areas of weakness and lack. If you took time out to properly assess your resources, you will discover to your astonishment that you actually posses far more resources than you thought you did. What you ought to do is ask yourself this question, What do I presently have in my life that I can creatively use to move into the next level if my life?

What do you have in your life that is an asset to you and your dream? What do you posses in your life that can be leveraged to accelerate your success and progressive in life?

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We all are gifted in one unique way or another. God endowed us with some talents and abilities. These talents are within us. Whether we believe they exist or not is of no consequence, they are within us waiting to be deployed to produce the kind of results we desire to see in our lives.
The Bible says in proverbs 18:16 that your gift  Will make room for you and bring you before great men and women. What this means is that your life's work and achievement are inextricably connected to the gift and ability within you. To ignore this fact is the o condemn yourself to a life of unproductive struggle and mediocrity. Most people who struggle financially thought life are under utilising their inner resources. One of the ways to know your inner resources or not is the  financial reward you have to show for it.

Struggle without commensurable financial compensation or run ward is not an indication of an existing curse on one's life as it is erroneously and popularly believed; it is just an indication of gross mismanagement of one's talents and inner resources.

Our religious conditioning sometimes sets the ground for us to abdicate all responsibility for our personal failures and blame them on some external, unseen force. But the truth is that there is no spiritual force potent enough to hinder or stop your progress in life unless you collaborate with or assist it. If you don't give away your personal ultimately discover that your external enemies are nothing compared to your internal enemy.
Someone said I've discovered the enemy and it is me. You are the major cause of your stagnation or slow progress in life. Your greatest enemy is not aunties, siblings and other distant relatives. Your greatest enemy is you. No one can stop you unless you want to be stopped.

In Matthew 25:14-30, we read about the parable of talents. Three men were given talents to trade with. A talent in this parable was the local currency at that time in  history. Two of these men successful engaged themselves in deploying their talents and they made good profits with which their master was pleased. Their master publicly commended and rewarded them for their efforts.

But one man refused to display his talent and he was reprimanded. In fact his master called him wicked and lazy. His wickedness was primarily refused to deploy his talents, this man condemned himself and had s dependants to a life of struggle, shame and penury

The talent was freely given to him by his master. He had the right and liberty to employ it in the best possible way he knew to generate profits, but he did nothing productive with he was given, rather he buried it. May I also add that this man probably despised the gift he was given by his master. He might have compared his one gift to the multi gifts of the first and the second servants and in doing so limited himself.

Some of us desire to be what we are not gifted to be. Not everyone can be a singer, q brain surgeon, an inventor, a rocket scientist of a software designer. We all are uniquely and differently gifted and wired. But there are so many things you can achieve with the gifts and life God has blessed you with. Comparison will ultimately result in self loathing and it will hold your life. God never measures us against others. Rather, he measures us against what we can possibly be if we diligently apply ourselves and assert our gifts in the world's market place.

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Whose fault was it that this servant failed and was poor? Whose fault was it that his talents were not creatively deployed? Whose fault was it that was condemned to a little of struggle, penury and shame? Whose fault was it that he wasn't financially rewarded like the others were? It was entirely his fault. His master said he was lazy. He didn't accuse an external force for holding him down, he said it was his laziness that tied him down to a life of lack. He didn't blame evil forces for his predicament. He blamed him.

People who failed usually blame others for the failures and are also quick to attribute the success if superior or performance to either luck or dishonesty.
If luck was responsible for the success of superior performers, why don't we just look for the source of this elusive luck and apply it to our lives? The truth is that there is no such thing as luck. You make your own luck. You created a luck charged atmosphere in your life by the application of universal principles if achievement like diligence, faith, vision, persistence, courage, goal setting and planning. You attract luck by the person you become.

What about the other men who creatively deployed their talents and were rewarded by their master, were they better than him mentally, emotionally or spiritually? Perhaps they had connections which this man had no access to maybe they had God father's who gave them opportunities this man didn't have? Did they live in a social environment that wasn't harsh and difficult to thrive in? Were any of these responsible for their success? Of course not!

These men succeed because they utilised their talents. Period. They deployed their talents in the world's market place and made a way for themselves. Had they started, they would most probably have become old, waiting. Help most comes to us most times, after we make an attempt to step out in the direction of our dreams.

This world will stand aside and let you pass if it sees that you know that you want, you know where you are going and you are confident about it. Confident and focused people who know what they want get ahead in this world. The double minded and the timid are sidelined or stagnated because they forever wait for some future supernatural occurrence, which will transform their situation for the better, but it never happens.
You will succeed if you simply follow the example of successful people. Do something with what you have.

If you have been involved in a job or business where your gifts are not creatively  employed, you have been cutting yourself short and hindering your own success in life. There are people who are involved in professions in which they have no talent for or interest in. They under price, under sell themselves and settle for less when they could have demanded for more life by asserting themselves.

If you've found yourself at that cross road of life where you need to make a change, ask yourself some questions.
What ate my gifts and talents?
Have I been actively employing them in my life's work up till this moment?
Which of these talents have created the most success for me in the past?
What do my friends and people around me say I'm good at?
What are my most enjoyable hobbies that I could concert into a business?
What creative endeavour was I involved in but dropped by the wayside because I was discouraged, impatient or immature?
In what ways have I undersold my talents and how can I reverse that trend now?
How can I achieve a better and more profitable combination of my gifts and talents right now to create a more successful life?

What other resources do you possess? These resources include your degrees, work experience, achievements, relationships and possessions. In any difficult situated you find yourself in life, there is always something or someone you have in your life that can help you  solve that problems. This is  how God works.

Do you learn anything  at all? In case you having any questions concerning how to start a business in Nigeria, kindly let us know by your comment or using contact us section. Our expert are online waiting for your inquiries.
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Before we take a look at some principles that will enhance our ability to start and win with our ideas in life, we need to take stock of our current position in life.

Where are you in your life's journey? Many people don't know where they exactly. They assume that they ate where they are not and they have what they don't possess. Knowing where you are will help you put your life's journey in prosper perspective.

Your current position tells you what you have with you. If you think you are on a particular level of life which you are not, you will assume that you possess or have access to certain resources which you don't have and you will be living a lie it is self deception to tell yourself that you have a buoyant bank account when you are in serious debt. Some people call this faith confession. Denying your present reality will never put you in a position to the way to create a future different from your past or present is to have a clear picture of where you are standing in life. If you cannot describe where you are in life in every plain terms, you are living in deception. A man who is tethering dangerously at the edge of a cliff but tries to convince himself that he is in a secure position is about to plunge to his demise in the valley below.

Learn to accurately describe where you are without missing out on any details. For instance, you can say that “Mr name is Alisha Samuels. I am 28 years old and single. I am a middle Kevel manager at Kantenko international. I earn about one million two hundred thousands (1, 200,000) per annual in total salary package. I have three hundred thousands (300,000) invested in shares. I am engaged to an enterprising young man and we plan to get married in he next seven months

Be as specific as as possible. Learn to include as many details as you can in the description of your present reality.

Where you are is just a point in time and space. You can always move on, become more and have more. Describing where you are does not indicate that you lack faith in God, what it means is that you are taking stock of your life. Those who don't know where they are in life can never become better than they are.

Knowing where you are financially for instance, will give you an accurate level of your financial intelligence. If where you are financially, you can reflection of your financial intelligence, you can decide to throw your financial theories into a trash can (if you are often broke) or become more consistent with your application of these Principles, if you are on your way to financial freedom.

There is no luck in life. All lucky people  make their own luck. If you want to be as lucky as they are financially, they find out what you they do on a daily basis and model them. As you continue to discover that you produce similar financial results in your own life. People will soon begin to refer to you as lucky.

The day a financially challenged person tells himself that his is completely broke, that is when he will begin to look for ways to remedy his situation. But the more he lies to himself, the deeper he descents into poverty and misery.

Where you are in life is a reflection of the quality of people you've surrounded yourself with. Your friends influence you in more ways than you realise. Our lives most times mirror the lives of our closest friends and confidants. Without having a written agreement with any of your friends to live the way they do, you will discover that one day, you all are headed in the same direction. It is the law of association at work.

The Bible says in proverbs 13:20, that he who walks with wise men becomes wise, but a companion of fools is depraved. If you want to have a future different from your past, you must be willing to change some of your friends, if you are obstinately attached to them, you will inevitably imprison yourself in the kind of life you are presently experiencing. If this is what you desire for yourself, good for you.

But if you want more from life, then be ready to reposition some of your relationships and build new and more strategic ones. Your future is a product of the people you choose to move with. Building a strategic relationship is your choice. Don't allow anyone to force an unwanted friendship or relationship down your throat. Be proactive in building your relationships.
Look out for the kind of people you want to be in your circle of influence. Make a move to know them. Mike Murdock says the proof of desire is pursuit. What  you are not willing to pursuit, you don't respect. And what you don't respect, you will never attract.
If you want quality people in your life, you should do all it takes to invest your time to connect with them. I am not talking about trying to manipulate people and use them for your own selfish purpose. Look for like minded people in whom you can invest your life and who can do the same for you. One of the spiritual prerequisites for success is to invest your resources in the lives of your closest friends without demanding for anything in return. By doing this, you automatically set in motion the law of solving and reaping. In the process of time, you will reap the rewards of the  seeds of love you've sown into the lives of your friends. Good things don't happen to us by chance, we make them happen.

Where you are in life shows you if your beliefs are helping you succeed or limiting you from becoming the very possible best you can be. If your beliefs have been empowering you to achieve your goals, then you are on the right path. But if your beliefs have constituted an obstacle to your progress in life, then you need to change then. Many of us hold on to limiting beliefs and never question them because they are beliefs that are generally accepted by our group of friends and associates.

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Many of us subscribe to beliefs presented to us by our leaders in the circular and spiritual arenas without taking time to question their veracity. We tell ourselves that these beliefs must be true because of the caliber of people that propound them. But what I have come to discover is that the status of a person does not necessarily mean he or she knows what they are talking about. They may be wrong about some of these beliefs and even they themselves need some tutoring.

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You must learn to question those beliefs which are disempowering and constitute an obstacle to the realisation of your ideas and dreams. In some organisations, asking your leaders questions is considered rebellion of some sort so, most people follow blindly without question. Even when they fell that there is something wrong with a certain beliefs system, they are scared to question it because  they may be called rebels.

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But since the Guyana tragedy when Jim jones, a sel-proclaimed prophet led over 800 men and  women to their untimely deaths in a name of religion, more people tend to question popularity accepted beliefs. These man and women entrusted their lives to the hands of a lunatic and they did not bother to question his beliefs and it ultimately cost then their lives.

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There were several signs pointing to the possibility that Mr. Jim Jones was out of his mind and that his organisation was cult. He called himself God and ostracised himself form other religious organisations. He moved his whole congregation to island of Guyana, isolated them and his word became law. He could not be questioned nor disagreed with. Anyone who questioned his orders was severely chastised. In spite of this signs, many people were still mesmerised and led to their deaths because they refused to question his beliefs. They probably believed he was an authority figure and he knew what he was talking about.

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Here is the point: there are many beliefs you hold unto tenaciously without question because they originate from an authority figure whom you revere. These beliefs may be leading you in the direction of failure, pain and miserly, but if you want to succeed in life, you must have an open mind and be ready to ask questions. Asking questions can save your life. I make it a regular habit to  question my beliefs, but I known exactly what I am doing with my life. I am responsible for my life and i always want to be sure that what i believe is empowering and ultimately going to help me actualise my ideas and dreams.

When you can pinpoint your actual location in your life's journey, then you will be able to take accurate stock of your current resources. A woman living in a one room apartment shouldn't tell herself that she is prosperous. Her feverish praying doesn't change the reality of her situation. Her confessions will not magically transform that one room apartment into mansion. She may be rich emotionally, spiritually and mentally, but the reality of her situation is that she is poor.

Take stock of your resources. When you do, you will realise that there are some resources you are not making use of. Make a list. Include your talents, educational qualifications, friends connections, expertise, experience and skill. Also include your financial and material possessions like stocks, bonds, landed property, houses and  other property that can be sold and converted into cash. Now read this list; it is the description of where you are presently in life. It may not be palatable, but it is the truth. If you can look at the truth in the eyes and accept it, you are halfway to overcoming the situation.

Where you are is not where you wish to be. Your wishes are not your reality. You may wish that you are.millionaire living on your own island but that doesn't mean you are one. Fantasy cannot change your reality. What will change it is action. You can take positive action only after you've taken a firm grip on your present reality.

After knowing exactly where you are, you can now write a comprehensive list of where you want to be in life. What kind of job do you want? Where do you want to live? What does your dream home look like? What kind of business do you want to run? How much do you want to earn per annum? Where do you want to spend your holidays? What kinds of cars do you want to ride? How much do you want to earn after your retirement? Be as specific as possible.

Change always Begins from within. What you see in your mind's eye will soon become your reality. The formula for change is be, do, have. You must first experience internal change by the transformation of your mind. When we open our minds to new concepts, we expand our possibilities. With a new frame of reference, we are able to dare for more than we did in the past. So the first step to transformation is opening our minds to receive new concepts. Jim Rohn   said “Success is attracted to you by the person you become.”

New concepts can be found in books, tapes, CDs and magazines. The more you read, the more you lean. The more you learn, the more you know. The more you know, the easier it becomes for you to manage your life and resources better than you did in the past. Myles Munroe, diplomat, author and speaker said success is the product of managing your inner and external resources intelligently.  When we begin to act strategically with purpose, we will accomplish more with our lives than we did in the past.

Do you learn anything  at all? In case you having any questions concerning how to start a business in Nigeria, kindly let us know by your comment or using contact us section. Our expert are online waiting for your inquiries.

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Charles was once an employee of a financial institution until a restructuring program led to a lay-off which found him back on the job line. He searched for a well paying job but wasn't interested in the openings he found. On on of his job hunts at bank, he ran into Susan, an old school mate. She came into cash a check while he came in search of a job opening. This serendipitous meeting changed his life for ever. Susan told him how she had also searched for a nonexistent job in a saturated financial industry until she decided to do something different with her life.
She had a dream to own a fast food business like the successful Mr Biggs chain of restaurants, so she went about trying to raise the capital to start it. After several frustrating experiences and numerous broken promises, she discovered that it was tough for an unemployed lady to secure a businesses loan. One of her concerned uncles advised her to start her businesses on a small scale. He encouraged her to produce snacks and hires sales people to hawk them on bicycles. At first she was offended that her uncle could eben suggest such an idea to her, a graduate of Economics, but after careful thought and prayer, she decided to give it a try.

With the last portion of her savings from a part-time job, she launched her own ‘fast food business’. She registered a business name at the corporate affairs commission, bought some locally fabricated equipment, some raw materials and began to produce snacks on a small scale. She later hired two young men  to hawk the snacks on bicycles  according to what his uncle to her to do around her neighborhood and beyond. Withing a year, she had over ten staff working with her. This all happened about two years ago. Since then she had grown her business into a multi-million small-scale enterprise.

She told charles that she was presently discussing with investors who want to partner with her in a nation wide enterprise to produce snacks. Susan ended the conversation, “Charles, I launched out with the little savings I had and look at where I am today”. She gave him her complimentary card and they parted. At that point, Charles, abandoned his job hunt for the day. He went back to his apartment and thought about what Susan had discussed with him. After careful thought, he decided to launch an idea he had thinking about for a while: a day care centre.

My brothers and my sisters reading this  article, there is a dream in your heart that wants to be birthed. There is passionate zeal for an idea stirring you up on the inside. You are agitated and restless; you want to see its manifestation. Every great achiever who walks the earth has a dream.
Bill gates had a dream to design a software as an operating platform for every computer on the planet to use. I am using his software to present this article to you. He has made life easy for billions of people in the planet.

Oprah Winfrey had a dream to own a syndicated program that will be broadcast on over 100 stations worldwide and today, when you turn on your TV, there she is on Mnet. There are many others great people like that.

Your idea may be to start a business and become as big as wall mart who starred his business in a store and grew to become the largest retailers in the U.S today. It may be to invent a useful tool or gadget, write a software program, launch a magazine, write life-transforming books or become a world class intellectual icon like wole Soyinka, Nigeria Nobel prize winner.

You may have a dream to write an international, evergreen, money spinnning bestseller like chinua Achebe's Things fall apart, write poetry that will move nation like Maya Angelou, become a movie director i me Mel Gibson, or act like denzel Washington, the academy  award winner.

What Happens If You Don't Start?
Life remains as it is until you do something. Many people hope, pray and believe for change in their lives without understanding the laws that govern change. For years,  they anticipate and believe for wonderful things to happen to their finances, business, and family, but nothing significant happens. The law of nature states that every object remains at rest until an external force is applied on it. No matter how sincere we are, we cannot contravene the laws of nature. Nothing is going to happen in your life until you do something different from what you have done in the past.

Until you start, your dreams will remain elusive. No matter how intense your desire is, you must start if you want to make a difference in your life. Life only recognises and responds to those who start, those who are hold enough to step out and attempt something with their ideas and dreams.

Do you know how many ideas and dreams die daily and are buried because people tell themselves that they aren't good enough, educated, connected enough, smart enough or experienced enough to launch out with an idea?
Do you know how many destinies becomes still born because some people build a negative case against themselves? They look at themselves and cook up all the reasons why they can't do something positive about their dreams and ideas. They live unfulfilled lives because they refuse to dare.

No matter how much you've presently accomplished with your life, you will amazed at what you can still so with your innate talents and abilities. Your potential will amaze you. No matter how much you've already accomplished, there is still much more to  achieve, more to reach out for, more people to influence, more lives to touch. There is always more to do with the life God gave you. There are more products to create, more invent, new services to provide; there is always more to do with the life God gave you.

If you study the lives of the most successful people on the planet, you will discover that they never rest on their laurels. They are possessed by a positively restless spirit. They are always on the move to do more with their lives. You may reasons that a man like Bill Gates with all his wealth should have stopped creating new products or services, but he keeps starting, sustaining and winning in every new and competitive markets. Having money does not satisfy the craving of the had human spirit to accomplished. The moment you stop starting, sustaining and winning with your ideas, atrophy set in and you will begin to deteriorate on the inside. You will be unfulfilled, unhappy. Until you breathe your last, your life must count for something greater then your past. You must birth the ideas and dreams God has deposited in your spirit to influence your generation.

Personal Responsibility.
We choose what we are. We decide who we become. No one is responsible for how your life turns out. No one determines how much of planer earth's abundance you enjoy. It is all about what you personally choose to do with your life.

Personal responsibility is the starting point for transforming your life. You can have more, become more, influence more, bless more people and do more with your life. It all begins with taking personal responsibility for your life. You might have grown up in poverty, but you can become rich like millions of others who pulled themselves up by their own determination to excel in life.

It is your responsibility to keep your dreams alive. You must do all it takes to make sure the idea and dream in your heart becomes a reality. The dream God has given you can only come alive when you act on it. Do something about that dream today or live to regret it in future.

Opportunity gravitates towards those who start. Many people do nothing, pray and anxiously await opportunity to come their way in life not realizing that opportunity comes to those who use what they have from where they are.

John wicker said “Opportunity multiply as they are seized” When you do something with the opportunity you have, you open a window of greater opportunity to aid you in the realisation of your dreams. Human help and assistance gravitates in the direction of people who are creatively using the little they have in their lives to produce the much that need. Miracle cab only occur when we creatively apply ourselves to the demand life places on us to start with what we have from where we are.

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