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At CES 2018, LG will unveil its latest LG gram laptops that deliver superior portability, enhanced powerful performance and convenience features. Since the incredibly lightweight laptop line debuted in 2014, LG has consistently surprised consumers by maximizing portability without sacrificing performance. The impressive successor to its previous lineup, the LG 2018 gram laptops push the boundaries of portable computing with improved mobility and durability, as well as upgraded processors and more versatile functionality. Altogether, the gram series offers an excellent workstation for those wishing to work, study more effectively or enjoy media content for extended periods in any environment.

The new models continue to be the most easy-to-carry laptops available on the market today. Their ultra-thin bodies feature a highly efficient 72Wh battery which allows longer work time without plugging in, lasting up to almost a full day on a single charge. And the compact design allows the LG gram’s smaller form factor to feature wider screens. The 14-inch model 14Z980 is the same size as a conventional 13-inch laptop but still offers a wider display with a minimized bezel.

Equipped with the latest 8th generation Intel Core i7 and i5 processors and SSD storage, the newest LG gram devices are even more efficient and significantly faster. Users can boost work efficiency as high as 40 percent while booting time now comes in under 10 seconds. Unlike other compact laptops that achieve lower weight or smaller size by minimizing interior space, LG’s gram series offers a second SSD drive slot for even more internal storage for those large video files.

LG’s new gram models are durable enough to use even in the most extreme environments, passing seven stringent U.S. military MIL-STD 810G durability tests for resistance to impact, pressure and temperature. This improved build quality is achieved by the Nano Carbon Magnesium full metal alloy body, often used in the aerospace industry where high strength and light weight are required. The result is an increase in durability by 20 percent compared to traditional magnesium products.

The new LG gram series comes with a host of convenience-enhancing features. A user can work late into the night with the backlit keyboard, which also serves as delicate ambient lighting while highlighting the PC’s minimalist profile. The precision touchpad enhances fingertip control with a smoother and more accurate pointer system. The webcam is positioned on top of the display where it should be for flattering video calls and DTS Headphone X provides multi-channel sound of up to 11.1 channels for rich 1.5W hi-fi surround sound. The upgraded fan is even quieter and emits less heat than before.

The 2018 gram laptops carry on LG’s trend of incorporating advanced optional features into its computing products such as Touch Screen, Fingerprint Reader and Thunderbolt 3. With LG’s new IPS In-cell Touch technology, the gram was able to maintain its compact size and the enhanced touch screen allows for more delicate, accurate onscreen haptic control without color shift when touching the display. The Fingerprint Reader enables users to log in and power on at the same time with the press of a single button. What’s more, Thunderbolt 3 allows for compatibility with Mac product, supports data transfer eight times faster than USB Type-C and enables seamless transmission of 4K/5K content to exterior displays.

Chang Ik-hwan, head of LG’s IT business division, said:

"We’re very proud to introduce the new gram PCs, which have been designed in direct response to those wishing to get an all-round, high performance laptop with maximum portability. LG offer more powerful laptops that deliver greater work efficiency and durability while continuing the product’s original identity of offering lightest laptop in its category. The 2018 gram series can tick all the boxes for users who want versatile and lightweight laptops with faster processing capabilities"

LG’s latest gram laptops will be available in the U.S. market starting next month with other markets to follow soon thereafter. Visitors to CES can see the new features of the 2018 LG gram for themselves at booth #11100 in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

*The 13.3- and 14-inch laptops (models 13Z980 and 14Z980) weigh just 965 and 995 grams, respectively, while the largest 15.6-inch version (model 15Z950) weighs in at 1,095 grams.
**LG gram laptop batteries on the 13.3-, 14- and 15.6-inch models last up to 22.5, 21.5 and 19 hours, respectively, based on 2014 MobileMark criteria.

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Can Windows 10 on Snapdragon live up to the hype?

Windows 10 has finally arrived on Snapdragon and the HP Envy x2 is the first tablet to be announced on the platform. Here’s our hands-on review from the Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii.

One of the big issues we have at the moment is we don’t know how much the Envy x2 will cost. HP has only said that it will be available ‘Spring 2018’.

Although the Asus NovaGo  has been announced as another Windows 10 device on Snapdragon with a price of $599, we fear that the Envy x2 won’t hit this price point and could well be $100+ more for the base model.

That said, it’s likely to be cheaper than some key rivals.

In terms of design, the Envy x2 is hardly anything new, but is a little different to the likes of the Surface or even HP’s own Spectre x2.

Instead of a built-in kickstand, it’s part of the keyboard cover so it’s a sort of all-or-nothing situation. You can still use it in various different modes but it’s all a bit more fiddly and limited. The case is faux-leather and certainly feels like plastic.

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The keyboard is decent enough and backlit and the trackpad is also a good size for a 12in device and responsive.

The good news is that the Envy x2 looks and feels great. It’s a stylish and desirable gadget. Build quality is premium with machined aluminium and that’s one of the reasons we think HP will be going for a higher price than the NovaGo.

One of the things having Snapdragon inside brings is the possibility for thin designs. HP has made that promise a reality with the Envy x2 thinner than a lot of flagships smartphones out there at just 6.9mm.

It’s impressive and that also means the devices is light at 680g. However, it does have drawbacks. You’re probably used to using Windows with various gadgets and peripherals but the Envy x2 only has a single USB-C port rather than any full-size.

So this means getting additional adapters or Bluetooth accessories – not quite the ‘every port you need’ as HP suggests. A rep says some markets might get an adapter in the box.


There’s a mircoSD card slot, which is handy but many would prefer a full-size SD slot – particularly photographers.

There’s nothing dramatic about the display here. It’s 12in and uses a 1920x1280 resolution. It’s perfectly suitable for the job and we’re impressed with how crisp and bright it is.

The display supports the HP Digital Pen stylus which we’re told is included in the box.

It’s what’s hidden beneath that’s really important here and why you’ll want to buy the Envy x2 over rivals with Intel. The problem is that all these key elements need properly testing to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

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This starts with performance, as we don’t know how well Windows 10 runs on the Snapdragon 835. Especially when it comes to things like emulation of win32 software. However, Qualcomm says it has worked hard with Microsoft to make sure everything is smooth. Office 365, for example, has been optimised for ARM.

It appears good after some hands-on time but we need to run proper benchmarks and push the device to see what the limits are. Qualcomm has already said this kind of device isn't made for gaming.

A key point is connectivity, so the X16 modem means Gigabit LTE wherever you go. No need to plug in a USB dongle, find Wi-Fi or hotspot to your phone. Using a Windows device in the same way as you phone in this way sounds great but we don’t know what it’s like in the real world yet.

There’s also the big question of how much a data plan from mobile networks will


Battery life is the other headline feature here with HP touting a whopping 20 hour battery life of local video playback. That’s three hours more than the Surface Book 2 which is much bigger, heavier and has two batteries.

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With 700 hours of standby, the Envy x2 is supposed to be always on like your phone. With this level of power efficiency, Microsoft says you’ll be able to use it for a week before charging - although this will be with occasional use rather than a full-on day of work.

To achieve this from something so small and light would be quite something and potentially the game changer, so we’re looking forward to seeing whether it lives up to the hype.

Onto the somewhat more boring specs and the Envy x2 comes with up to 256GB of storage. It also has a 13Mp rear camera, 5Mp front camera and comes with Windows 10 S so you get features like Ink, Cortana and Hello. You can upgrade to Windows Pro for free if you like.

There's no question that the HP Envy x2 is a nice Windows tablet with good build quality and decent specs. The keyboard case including the kickstand is a little bit fiddly but there are more pressing issues.

For starters, we don't know the price and worry HP holding back means it's not good news. There's also far too much to test in terms of Windows 10 on Snapdragon - namely battery life and performance - before we can say whether the new category is a goer.

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