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Starting a blog with profitable niche is like having money in our own hands. Many bloggers out there are making their earnings by selecting a good niche.

Niche will be our heart and soul of our blog if selected properly.

Choosing appropriate niche is the main paradigm behind a good blogging. Every new blogger having the chance of making a mistake while choosing the niche such mistakes will lead us to big Failures.

Before you start writing, you must be aware of the right niche to start with. The 1st step in blogging is trying to find out what reader needs from your blog, what are the most profitable keywords and how you can make money with your blogs.

So what are the most profitable niches in the online industry and how can you start with them?

I've outlined the top 5 profitable niches below :

1. Health Caring Niche

A health blog can cover diverse health related topic such as nutrition and digest, weight control and diseases, analysis about health, business of health and health research. Health niche is at number one in most profitable niche list.

Health Is Wealth
It acts as a Health Education platform, where users collaborate or contribute health content within the standard guidelines. A health blog can be interactive, engaging with its readers in the creation of content. A health blog can grow in user size with its amazing content.

Health blogs can be broadly categorized as either a personal journal type or an information site type of blog. The most common sub-niches include:

Weight loss/diet blogs

Nutrition and food blogs

Disease and disorder blogs

Training and exercise blog

These sub niches will help the people a lot by getting care of the health and all together you can also earn a huge sum of money on it.

2. Blogging Tutorials Niche

A tutorial is great way of transferring (or) sharing knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. Blogging with tutorials niche also will be a great Blog to help our readers. Every one will be facing a problem with their blogs. Problems will be scripts, HTML, widgets, writing gadgets, SEO, etc.These tutorials will be helpful for many upcoming new bloggers who choose blogging as their passion..

Tutorials such as revealing eBooks, starting a blog, videos by our co-bloggers will definitely help others in correcting themselves for becoming a good blogger. Tutorials in turn will help us for earning more revenue by getting help from blogging tips and tutorials.

This has become one of the most common niches as the possibilities to earn here are huge.

3. Technology Niche

With technology changing the global market at higher rate. This niche can provide what usually people go towards what they are looking for in the technology arena. This technology niche shows the companies that have specialized in manufacturing the gadgets.

By giving the useful information about latest gadgets and latest tech tips in this niche can really help for those who really want to know about the latest innovations occurring in the technology.

Providing the useful and great content regarding gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, blackberry, iPhones, iPad, android, etc can help us in generating some cash using this niche.

4. Money and Business Niche

This blogs may be in few in number but will be a great help for other upcoming entrepreneurs. This niche shows how to earn money in online or offline by different ways. This virtually shows the ways of earning money. Every blogger want to earn few bucks but this niche will be helpful for those who want to start a business or want to earn money in different ways.

This niche shows us the different ways of making money or guide us to earn money. Even it will be same for business niche. This business niches especially needs experience for writing killer posts on how to start a business or how to run a business .

If you give away tips that are worthwhile, your blog will catch the attention of the users very quickly and you start your earnings.

5. Personality Development

Personal development niche provide us to how to improve awareness and identity, how to develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employ-ability, enhance quality of  life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

The most common sub-niches include:

Leadership development

Self esteem


Career development

Life coaching


This niche will really help us to improve our personal life and make our life with good deeds and happiness and will also help us improving our skills and analyzing Pros and cons of our individual life.

Over to you :

I've shared with you the top 5 most profitable niches that are highly profitable in my opinions. If you want me to add one or suggest something, please use the comment box below.!!


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