Why Vision And Plan Is Compulsory For Evey Successful Business


Every great achievement began with a vision in someone's heart. To succeed in life you must have a clear vision of what you intend to accomplish. A vision is the pictures of the end result you want to produce. it is what you to achieve ,a clear road map of where you are headed in life. Nothing significant ever happens without a vision. Many people are dabbling in life because they have no clarity to direction. They dabble into whatever comes their way as long as it holds a promise of financial reward.

But you must understand that vision in your heart is more powerful than money. Vision is what secures and guarantees your  financial destiny Being financially destitute is not as bad as being vision destitute. A person who lacks  direction in life will end up a failure no matter how much he may start his life with. What guarantees success is a clear vision backed by plans and consistent action

Vision is received through prayer, meditation and silence. Write down your vision where you can read it daily until it becomes an integral part of you. When you have clarity, you will move confidently towards your destiny.


To actualise the dream in your heart, you must break it down into little portions then develop a plan to carry them out. Without a plan,your dream will never become a reality. Planning brings order into your life. Order is the first law of success. Without order, you will keep on going in circles and accomplish little or noting.

At the planning stage,you consider the cost of your intended project. In luke 14:28, the Bible says “for which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first and counteth the cost whether he had sufficient to finish it?”

You must sit down and carefully map out a strategy to bring your idea or dream to life. Map out all necessary steps to take before your dream becomes reality. If you win on paper,it is possible that you will win reality, but if you cannot think through on paper and solve all your potential problems and challenges, you will not succeed in the pursuit of your dream.

At the planning stage,you will discover your possibilities and challenges. This is when the strengths, weakness, opportunities and potential threats to your idea or dream or dream will arise. This is what is referred to as the SWOT analysis of your idea.  The more through you are with this analysis, the easier it is for you to execute it. If you don't deal with your problems during the planning stage,they will become stumbling blocks when you begin the execution of your plan.

To succeed, you should have at least two backup plans in case the first one encounters some unforeseen problems in future.  Having plans A,B,C, and D is not a sign of fear or lack of faith, it is a sign that you have thought through your plan and considered every possible things that could go wrong in its execution. You have factored in the unknown and proffered solutions to them before they ever arise.  Every conceivable scenario has been played out and you have solutions to them.  People who and pack up did not think through on their opportunities and challenges.  In fact, you should create challenges in your mind and come up with solutions to them so that are never scared of unforeseen problems.

Before going into any business, ask this question,“what is the worst thing that could possibly happen?” This question prepares you for any eventualities or unforeseen contingencies. When you answer this question, you prepare yourself to meet whatever challenge arises in the course of pursuing your dream or idea.

I sold books for several years before i started writig my own books. Before i invested in any opportunity,  I always  asked myself, “What is the worst thing that could possibly happen if I don't sell these books?” Books are imperishable so the worst case scenario, if i didn't sell my stock immediately, was to keep them until i had the right client to sell them to. I reason that i had enough back up capital to sustain myself and business until  I sold those books,so I usually went ahead to invest in very interesting books. If you want to succeed in your business, you must learn to ask and answer this crucial question.

During this planning stage, you should write down your goals. A goal is a dream with a deadline. If your goal doesn't have a time frame within which you must achieve it, then it is merely a wish and nothing more. Write down measurable, realistic, achievable and believable goals. You should have short term ,medium term and long term goals. Do something positive about your goals daily. Updating your goals. As you accomplish those on your list, set new and more exciting goals to pursue.

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