The Benefits Of Starting Business With A Small Scale

Their are many benefits of starting a business with small, which am going to list and explain in full details. Here we go


starting small will save you the usual high cost of setting up a business. It is the high cost of starting a business that scares most people from trying in the first place. If you start small, you save a lot of investment capital which you can use to support your business until it starts making profit.

If you are stepping out on your own, starting small means that you don't have to rent a very expensive office space to begin your business. You can start from your home and build up your business capital until you can afford of raise the money to rent an office space. Unless your product is office space, you don't need to have one to begin with. People are interested in what you can offer them, not his fanciful your office kook like at the one set. They are interested in your business performance, your ability to add value and deliver on your promises.


When you start small, your mistakes will be small, if you start big, your mistakes will be very big and costly to you. No matter how perfect you are in what you do, she  starting a business, you are bound to make a several mistakes. If these mistakes are huge, they may discourage you and chase you to give up on your business. If you take on huge challenges when you start out, they may just overwhelm you because you lack the finance, mental and emotional resources to deal with them.

When you start small, you will make small mistakes which are easier to correct or rectify. When you are small, your mistakes are usually in hundreds or a couple of thousands, but if you start big, you will make mistakes worth tens of thousands or even more. If you make mistakes when your customers are about ten or twenty, you  can easily correct it, but when you have hundreds of customers, every mistakes will automatically reflect on your bottom line.


Starting small will also enable you to carefully and progressive recruit quality staff. Quality staff are hard to come by. If you start out hiring so many people to help you with your business or enterprise, you may hire the wrong people. It is better to start out with one or two people, train them and assess their performed on the job.

In my next post, am going to explain on the remaining two reasons why you must start small in every business you went to launch or start.


Starting small will enable you develop your leadership skills. The success of your enterprise or business depends on the quality of your leadership. If your staff make mistakes, you will be able to handle just two people instead of having ten dissatisfied employees on your hands. In your former place of employments,. you may not be able to read the signals of employees dissatisfaction. But if you've develop your leadership skills in your former place of employments, you may not be able to read the signals of employee dissatisfaction. But if you've learned to relate and communicate successfully with your first employee, you  can now apply your skill to the other employees you will be hiring in culture.

One thing you must realise is that your employees will make or break you so, hire smart. God for quality and not just quantity. Remember that if you pay peanuts, you will have monkey s for staff. Pay well and treat your employees with respect.

5. Success 
When you start small, you are able to handle your success as it grows. If you succeed too fast, it may eventually hurt your business. Sources if it comes too fast, can be detrimental to your business health. Overnight bossiness success is not something you should pray for. If you don't have structure in place to manage your success, it may result in failure. You should  archive it or may just overwhelm you.

Am I saying that you shouldn't believe God to prosper your business? By all means you should but you should believed for success that you can handle. For instance, you open a restaurant and withing a few weeks you become successful beyond your expectations. Your tables are fully booked, many prospective customers Come in .only to find out that there are not tables for them.

This success scenario may play out in two ways. First, your potential customers may return to book a table because of your reputation for providing mouth watering dishes. Secondly, your potential customers may just go and have lunch across the road and forget about you. Unless you  offer a very unique cuisine , your potential customers may not refute and that is not return and that's is not good for your business. What you should do is strategically growth your clientele until the restaurant becomes fully booked. This way, you prepare for a success which you can handle. The secret of a successful business is return customers. You should do everything possible to ensure repeat patronage by your customers.

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