Reasons Why Business Should Be Start WithSmall Scale For Every Business Dreamers

You obviously want to accomplish more with the life God gave you that is why you are reading this blog. There is a principle of achievements which can be applied to succeeded in the past have left us clues as to how they succeeded. You can intelligently follow their clues and created the same  level of success in your life. Looking for some difficult, complicated and mind blowing process to success is a waste of your time. The easier the principle, the quicker your success will appear. If you want to succeed, you must start, here are some clues successful people have left us about how to start and launch our ideas or dreams.

Little acorns grow into big oaks. The principle of life is that if you must succeed, you must start small. Every achiever knows that success comes in little seeds, therefore they look for the smallest possible way to start and launch their ideas or dreams. Failures on the other hand look for the most complicated means if launching their ideas or dream and never get it off the ground.

What most people find challenging is how to break down their dreams into small workable plans that can be tackled one small bit at a time. If you try to handle tour dreams all at once, it may seem so overwhelming and that is the reason many people given up. The secret of successfully execute your dream or launch your idea is to start as small as you possibly can.

Starting small is relative depending on the kind of business you are engaged in. There are some businesses you cannot afford to start too small if you want to succeed. Let me explain. If you want to start a restaurant, you cannot start with two tables and chairs in an obscure area of town where no one will be able to see and patronise you. You must pay for a good location, good equipment, beautiful interior decor and hire some staff. To start small, you may need to get some other investors involved or else your restaurant may not be recognised as a quality place dine. Your restaurant may not be been g, but it should be a cozy place for people to eat. That is starting small. When you succeed at your small stage, you can then source for financing to expand your business. If you don't have finance to launch out with your main idea immediately, you can start a business from which you will generate the required capital to launch your main business. The simplest way to raise capital is to buy and sell. Loom for a valuable product to sell.

The reason some people fail in business is because they listen to wrong counsel and start from the top, instead of working their way from the bottom up. The only thing you start from the top is a grave. If you start from the top, you may be overwhelmed by the demands, stress and the level if commitment required to stay at the top. You face challenges you are not prepared to handle. You don't have the necessary experience, hurdles you face. In a little while, those challenges will bug you down emotionally, mentally and spirituality and you may eventually give up on the whole project.

Starting from the top is the pathway to mediocrity or outright failure. It is true that failure is one of the prerequisite for success but you don't deliberately set yourself up to fail by taking on what your emotional, mental or spiritual muscles are not developed enough to carry.

A young man was out of work. Someone suggested a new line of business to him and gave him some leads. He immediately began his business with a telephone in his living room. He made all the international calls in his apartment until business started coming in. Today, he has a very beautiful office in a highbrow area of Lagos. If he had waited for the perfect space, he would probably still be looking for money yo start his own business.

Dr. David Oyedepo, chancellor of covenant University Nigeria said he started small. When he began his ministry, the international headquarters' of his ministry was a table tennis board! He arranged some chairs around the tennis board and there with his staff, held strategic meetings from morning until evening when he had to quit the board for the players who used it regularly in the evening time. But today, the ministry has built an international headquarters, it has the largest church auditorium in the world and a university sitting on hundreds of acres of land. If he wasn't willing to start small, he wouldn't be where he is today.

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