Why Your Success Depends On The Strength Of Your Relationships?

Where you are in life is a reflection of the quality of people you've surrounded with. Your friends influence you in more ways than you realise. Our lives most times mirror the lives of our closest friends and confidants. Without having a written agreement with any of your friends to live the way they do, you will discover that one day, you all are headed in the same direction. It is the law if association at work.

The bible says in proverbs 13:20, that he who walks with wise men becomes wise, but a companion of fools is depraved. If you want to have a future different from your past, you must be willing to change some of your friends. If you are obstinately attached to them, you will inevitably imprison yourself in the kind if life you ate presently experiencing. If this is what you desire for yourself, good for you.

But if you want more from life, then be ready to reposition some of your relationships and build new and more strategic ones. Your future is a product of the people you choose to move with. Building a strategic relationship is your choice. Don't allow anyone to force an unwanted friendship or relationship down your throat. Be proactive in building your relationships.

Look out for you the kind of people you want to be in your circle of influence. Make a move to know them. Mike Murdock says, the proof of desire is pursuit. What you are not willing to pursue, you don't respect. And what you don't respect, you will never attract.

If you want quality people in your life, you should do all it takes to invest your time to connect with them. I am not taking about trying to .manipulate people and use them for your own selfish purpose. Look for like minded people in whom you can invest your life and who can do the same for you. One of the spiritual prerequisites for success is to invest tour resources in the lives of your closest friends without demanding for anything in return. By doing this, you will automatically set in motion the  law of sowing and reap the rewards of the seeds of love you've down I to invest he lives of your friends. Good things don't happen to us by chance, we make them happen.

Success is the product of a well thought out and planned action. To become all we can be in life, we must dare to act on our ideas and dreams.

We all here on divine assignment. Life places a burden on us to birth our ideas and dreams, it demands for us to take confident strides to accomplish our divine assignment. Life is more than accumulating wealth; it is all about making a contribution, making a phenomenal differences in the world. Some people who are financially successful secretly feel like failures because they abandoned their dreams and followed a path which left them unfulfilled. Don't  make that mistake.

There are several  destinies connected to your success; millions of people await the manifestation of your ideas and dreams. Make a quality decision today to live an extraordinary life and positively affect your generation for good.

You have been given the success tools. You can develop or hire the necessary skills required to launch your ideas and dream. Your success journey continues from here. With God's help, you will accomplish your God ordained purpose in life as you start with what you have, from where you are.

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