Tips For Starting A BusinessThat Actually Succeed 2018

I was once an employee of a financial institution until a restructuring back on the Job line. I searched for high paying job but i wasn't interested in the openings i found.
On one of my job hunts at a bank, i ran into Susan, an old school mate. She came into cash a check  while i came in search of a Job opening. This serendipitous meeting changed my life for ever. Susan told me how she had also searched for a nonexistent job in a saturated financial industry until she decided to do something different with her life.

She had a dream to own a fast food business like the successful Mr Biggs chain of restaurants, so she went about trying go raise the capital to start it. After several frustrating experiences and numerous broken premises, she discovered that it was tough for an unemployed lady to secure a business on a small scale. He encouraged her to produce snacks and hire sale people to hawk them on bicycles. At first she was offended that her uncle could even suggest such an idea to her, a graduate of economics, but after careful thought and prayer, she decided to give it a try.

With the last portion of her savings from a part-time job, she launched her own fast food business. She registered a business name at the corporate affairs commission, bought some locally fabricated equipment, some raw materials and began to produce snacks on a small scale. She later hired two young men to hawk the snarks on bicycles around her neighborhood and beyond. Within a year, she had over ten staff working with her. This all happened about three months ago. Since the  she had grown her business in to a multimillion small scale enterprise.

She told me that she was presently discussing with investors who wanted to partner with her in a nation wide enterprise to produce snacks. Susan ended the conversation, and said I launched out with the little savings I had and look at where I am today. She gave me her complimentary card and will parted. At that point, I abandoned my job hunt for the day. I went back to my apartment and thought about what Susan had discussed with me. After careful thought, I decided to launch an idea which I had been thinking about for a while: blogging.

To all the readers of this great blog, there is a dream in your heart that wants to be birthed. There is passionate zeal for an idea stirring you up on the the inside. You are agitated and restless; you want to see it's manifestation. Don't forget that every great archivers who walks the earth has a dream. Bill Gates had a dream to design a software as an operating platform for every computer on the planet to use. I am using one of his software to present this  content or article to you. He has made life easy for billions of people in the planet.

Not only that, Oprah Winfrey also had a dream to own a syndicated program that broadcast on over 100 stations worldwide and today, when you turn on your TV, there she is on Mnet.

Every body has his or her own dream or idea. Your own idea may be to start a business and become as big as Wall Mart who started his business in a store and grew to become the largest retailer in the U.S. it may be to invent a  useful tool or gadget, write a software program, launch a magazine, write a life transforming books or become a world class athlete. It may be to write plays and become a world class intellectual icon like Wole Soyinka, Nigeria's Noble prize winner.

You may have a dream to write an international evergreen, money spinning bestseller like Chinua Achebe'sThings fall apart, ” write poetry that will move nations like Maya Angelou, or becoming a movie director like Mel Gibson, or SCT like Denzel Washington, the Academic award winner.

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