Learn Secrets Behind Top Richest People In The Planet And Actually Make You Rich

Before we take a look at some principles that will enhance our ability to start and actually win with our ideas  in life, we need to take stock of our current position in life.

Where are you in your life's journey? Many people don't know where  they are exactly.  They assume that they are where they are not and they have what they don't possess. Knowing where you are will help you put your life's journey in prosper perspective.

Your current position tells you what you have with you. If you think you ate on a particular  level of life which you are nor, you will assume that you possess or have access to certain resources which you don't have and you will be living a lie. It is self deception to tell yourself that you have a buoyant bank account when you are in serious debt. Some people call this faith confession. Denying your present reality will never put you in a position to change it.

The way to create a future different from your past or present is to have a clear picture of where you are standing in life. If you cannot describe where you are in life in very plain terms, you are living in deception. A man who I'd tethering dangerously at the edge of a cliff but tries to convince himself that he is in a secure position is about to plunge to his demise in the valley below.

Learn to accurately describe where you are without missing  out on any details. For instance, you can say that my name is Alisha Samuels. I an 30 years old and single. I am a middle level manager at Kantenko international. I earn about one million two hundred thousands per annual in total salary package. I have three hundred thousands invested in shares. I am engaged yo an enterprising young  man and we palm to get married in the next eight months.
Be as specific as possible. Learn to include as many details as you can in the description of your present reality.

Where you are is just a point in time and space. You can always move on, become more and have more. Describing where you are does not indicate that you lack faith in God, what it means us that you are taking stock of your life. Those who don't know where they are in life can never become better than they are.

Knowing where you are financially for instance, will give you an accurate level of your financial intelligence. If where you are financially is a reflection of your financial intelligence, you can decide to throw your  financial theories into a trash can if you are often broke or become more consistent with your application of these princes, if you are not your way to financial   freedom.

There is no luck in life. All Lucky people make their own luck. If you want to be as lucky as they are financially,  them find out what they do on a daily basis and model them. As you continue to model their Principles in your life, you will discoverer that produce similar financial results in your own life. People will soon begin to refer  to you as lucky.

Have this in the back of your mind, the day a financially challenged person tells himself that he is completely broke, that is when he will begin to look for ways to remedy his situation. But the more he lies to himself, the deeper the descents into poverty and misery.

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