How To Start A Business Without Any Money 2018

Life remains as it is until you do something. Many people hope, pray and believe for change in their Libes without understanding the laws that govern change. For years, they anticipate and believe for wonderful things to happen to their finances, business and family, but nothing significant happens. The law of natural states that every object remains at rest until an external force is applied on it. No matter how sincere we are, we cannot contravene the laws of  nature. Nothing is going to happen in your life until you do something different from what you have done in the past.

Until you start, your dreams will remain elusive. No matter how intense your desire is, you must start if you want to make a differences in your life.
Life only recognises and  responds to those who are bold enough to step out and attempt something with their ideas and dreams.

Do you know how many ideas and dreams die daily and are buried because people tell themselves that they aren't hood enough, educated enough, skilled enough capitalised enough, connected enough, smart enough or experienced enough to launch out with an idea? Do you know how many destinies become still born because some people build a negative case against themselves? They look at themselves and cook up all the reasons why they can't do something positive about their dreams and ideas of starting a business. They live unfulfilled lives because they refuse to dare.

No matter how much you've presently accomplished with your life, you will be amazed at what you can still do with your innate talents and abilities. Your potential will amaze you. No matter how much you've already accomplished, there is still much more to archive, more to reach out for, more people to influence, more  lives to touch. There is always more to do with the life God gave you. There are more  products to create, more gadgets to invent, new services to provide; there is always more to do with the life God gave you.

If you study the lives of the most successful people on the planet, you will discover they they never rest on their laurels. They are possessed by a positively restless spirit. They are always on the move to do more with their lives. You may reason that a man like Bill Gates with all his wealth should have stopped creating new products or services, but he keeps starting, sustaining and winning in very new and competitive markets. Having money does not satisfy the craving of the human spirit to accomplish. The moment you stop starting, sustaining and winning with your ideas, atrophy set in and you will begin to deteriorate on the inside. You will be unfulfilled, unhappy. Until you breathe your last, your life must count for something greater than your past. You must birth the ideas and dreams God has deposited in your spirit to influence your generation.


We choose what we are. We decide who we become. No one is responsible for how your life turns out. No one determines how much of of planet earth's abundance you enjoy. It is all about what you personally choose to do with your life.

Personal responsibility is the starting point for transforming your life. You can have more, become more, influence more, bless more people and do more with your life. It all begins with taking personal responsibility for your life. You might have grown up in poverty, buy you can become rich like millions of others who pulled themselves up by their own determination to excel in life.

It us your responsibility to keep your dream alive. You must do all it takes to make sure the idea and dreams in your heart becomes a reality. The dream God has given you can only come alive When you act on it. Do something about that dream today or live to regret it in future.

Opportunity gravitates toward these who start. Many people do nothing, pray and anxiously await opportunity to come their way in life not not realizing that opportunity comes to those who use what they have from where they are.

John  Wicker said opportunities multiply as they are sized. When you do something with the opportunity you have, you open a window of greater opportunity to aid you in the realisation of your dreams. Human help and assistance gravitates in the direction of people who ate creatively using the little they have in their Libes to produce the much they need. Miracles can only occur when we creatively apply ourselves to the demand life places on us to start with what we have from where we are.

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